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The first and only evidence-based visualization platform

Visualizing the surgical experience based on traditional views presents the illusion that surgeons and patients can see the whole picture

Most medical facilities only offer flat, single-plane scans in 2D, which limits the ability to see all aspects of the anatomy. This leaves patients feeling blind to the details of their surgery, and surgeons trying to create a 3D image in their minds.

See surgery like never before with experiential 360°-3D technology

With Surgical Theater’s Precision XR, you’re not just bringing all your 2D images and data to life in a single model. You’re bringing patients and physicians together to visualize the surgical experience like never before.

See the magic of how Precision XR works

Precision XR powers a portfolio of AR and VR products designed for each point in the surgical journey

Precision XR support and services

Precision XR products are available through a variety of capital purchase, leasing, rental, SaaS, and financing arrangements that can be tailored to meet customer needs.

Clinical support (including case preparation services), maintenance, and other technical support for Precision XR products are available in multiple scopes and formats to meet customer needs.