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The first and only evidence-based visualization platform

Visualizing the surgical experience based on traditional views presents the illusion that surgeons and patients can see the whole picture

Most medical facilities only offer flat, single-plane scans in 2D, which limits the ability to see all aspects of the anatomy. This leaves patients feeling blind to the details of their surgery, and surgeons trying to create a 3D image in their minds.

See surgery like never before with experiential 360°-3D technology

With Surgical Theater’s Precision XR, you’re not just bringing all your 2D images and data to life in a single model. You’re bringing patients and physicians together to visualize the surgical experience like never before.

Unleash the power of 360°-3D visualization

With enhanced 360°-3D visualization throughout the whole procedure, the Precision XR system lets your surgical team operate with even more confidence

Perform efficiently and precisely with intraoperative visualization and guidance used in thousands of real-world cases

Synchronize your approach with preplanned visualization shown onscreen to perform the safest, most minimally invasive procedures possible

Use Surgical Theater with your existing surgical navigation technology, platforms, devices, and tools

SyncAR™ Augmented Reality Visualization Hub

SyncAR™ synchronizes with your operating room navigation and displays a 360° AR rendering of your patient’s scan that can be superimposed onto their anatomy during live surgery

  • Overlay 360° AR rendering onto the live image so you never take your eyes off the surgical site
  • SyncAR™ is seamlessly integrated with existing image guidance systems and current operating room workflow
  • See critical case anatomy from all angles, without changing operative methods or shifting focus from the operative field

See SyncARTM Hub

Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP)

SNAP integrates Precision XR enhancements with the surgeon’s existing surgical navigation systems.

  • Revolutionizes the way delicate and highly complex surgical procedures are performed
  • Enables surgeons to make a patient-specific surgical plan and then synchronize their live movements with the plan shown onscreen
  • Delivers more precise surgical procedures for the safest, most minimally invasive operations possible, which can also help optimize patient outcomes and recovery times