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Surgical Theater® is the leader in Extended Reality (XR) healthcare services, providing 360°-3D visualization that creates patient specific models for various surgical disciplines.

Our Mission

Imagine not needing to imagine.

With 360°-3D XR, medical images are now something you can experience. Beyond viewing, you can walk and fly through the anatomy.

Beyond reality and beyond imagination.

Imagine experiencing patient scans in a deeper way—walking inside an image and seeing it come to life—to create superior outcomes for patients.

We give surgeons the power to master every surgery—from planning to procedure. We take patients on a visual journey that gives them the information they need to make an informed decision about their health, so they can understand—and experience—their surgery like never before.

That’s the magic of Surgical Theater.

Our vision for changing the world of surgery

GIVE SURGEONS a breadth of information that could increase their situational awareness—from every angle and every approach—to optimize the surgical experience, from clinic to planning to post-op for a specific patient.

GIVE RESIDENTS a place to refine and practice their skills with a system of surgical simulators.

GIVE PATIENTS transparency throughout the surgical experience, so they feel comfortable, prepared, and confident.

GIVE HOSPITALS the ability to offer customized care for their surgery patients, to improve patient satisfaction, surgical success rates, and more.

Culture + Talent

The magic behind Surgical Theater

At Surgical Theater, we have a shared vision to change the surgical experience for the better. We work with the best people from all around the world who believe that the work we do every day is shaping the future of surgery.

By providing a visualization platform that helps to illuminate complex procedures, we’re bridging the gap between doctors and patients to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Surgical Theater is where innovation and passion meet—and this allows us to create magic.

Leadership Team

Alon Zuckerman


Alon Geri

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Jeff Witherite

Chief Finance Officer

Luke Maher

Vice President Sales & Strategic Partnerships

Tina Badat

Vice President Marketing

Ed Gecovich

Vice President Business & Legal Affairs

Stefannie Macdonald

Vice President Product

Sean Copeland

Senior Director, XR Programs

Our Cleveland Office

23645 Mercantile Rd. Suite M
Beachwood, Ohio 44122