Surgical Planning

Prepare & rehearse surgical procedures

Improve situational awareness and customize each patient's surgical plan by virtually simulating on patient-specific anatomy.

Optimize Surgical Planning

Master Your Approach

Plan and simulate the best surgical approach using personalized patient models and virtual surgical tools.

Streamline From Planning To Procedure

Improve surgical efficiency while potentially reducing complications and procedure times.

Set Sights Beyond 2D

Utilize XR to present your patient's personalized surgical plan in a visually accessible and comprehensible manner.


Excellence in Planning, Precision in Surgery

Fly through anatomy and locate medical issues (eg, tumors and aneurysms) and study them from every angle with our medical virtual reality technology. PlanXR™ facilitates intricate surgical plans by allowing surgeons to create the best surgical approach based on the patient-specific XR reconstruction.


Streamlines epilepsy care continuum by creating a platform that visualizes all the epilepsy patient’s data in a comprehensive easy-to-understand XR model.

XR Studio™

Driven by XR Visualization, XR Studio™ offers a collaborative environment for dynamic patient-specific case reviews, presentations, and education through XR headsets. Surgeons and professors can guide students in presenting and demonstrate surgical techniques in a virtual operating room. Students can explore patient- and pathology-specific XR reconstructions interactively.

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Surgical Planning

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