Patient Engagement

Improve Patient Consultations

Explore a patient engagement tool that delivers personalized virtual reality reconstructions.

Increase Patient Experience

Enhanced Engagement

Facilitate shared decision-making through personalized and interactive experiences.

A Universal, Visual Language

Bridge communication barriers like age and language.

Meaningful Connections

Improve communication to help ensure greater patient conversion rates, outcomes, satisfaction, and consent.


Empowering Patients with eXperiential Reality

Personalized models for clear visualization, aiding understanding and trust for informed medical decisions.

Surgical Teams & Residents

XR Visualization offers valuable training and simulation opportunities, fostering skill development for residents and encouraging collaboration among surgical teams.

For Residents & Healthcare Staff

Refine surgical skills through hands-on experience in an interactive and dynamic instructional environment.

For Surgical Teams

Foster collaborative and interactive learning environments for acquiring new techniques, reviewing patient cases, and developing strong synchronization, exploration, and communication skills.

For Hospitals

Build a hub of clinical excellence grounded in innovative staff, outstanding education, and precision surgery utilizing eXperiential Reality.

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