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Our Mission

Imagine not needing to imagine.

With 360°-3D XR, medical images are now something you can experience. Beyond viewing, you can walk and fly through the anatomy.

Beyond reality and beyond imagination.

Imagine experiencing patient scans in a deeper way—walking inside an image and seeing it come to life—to create superior outcomes for patients.

We give surgeons the power to master every surgery—from planning to procedure. We take patients on a visual journey that gives them the information they need to make an informed decision about their health, so they can understand—and experience—their surgery like never before.

That’s the magic of Surgical Theater.

Surgery can be complicated and thinking about it can be scary. We believe that every patient deserves to truly understand their surgical plan, and that's why we deliver an engaging experience that lets them make informed decisions about their health.

Moty Avisar


What’s a “fly-through” video?

The magic of Surgical Theater starts with the ability to take all of your 2D scans and images and convert them to a fully immersive 360°-3D experience. From there, our technology develops a patient-specific model, so you and your surgeon can create a surgical plan that you feel comfortable and confident about.

Why Surgical Theater?

Precision XR began as a White House initiative focusing on patient-powered research, tools, and treatment options

Surgical Theater 360°-3D improves patient engagement, understanding, and satisfaction

Surgical Theater 360°-3D has assisted in over 15,000 surgeries and more than 100,000 patient consultations

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